It's been a few months since we first told you about the latest amnesia flick to hit Hollywood, Open Grave. It's okay if you don't remember (zing!); seems a bunch of these crop up each year. Variety tells us that Nala Films has brought Eduardo Rodriguez onboard to helm the pic, which marks his second feature directorial effort after also helming the Robert Rodriguez-penned Curanderoback in 2005; he scored that gig, as well as a three-picture deal with Dimension, with only one short film (Daughter) under his belt. See kids, dreams can come true! (And if you've seen his short, then my previous sentence might have made you chuckle just a bit.) Nala Films will produce along with Jon Shestack Prods.; currently, no cast has been announced.

Story centers on a man who wakes up in a pit full of dead bodies with no idea who he is or how he he got there. When a group of fellow amnesiacs rescue him, he must figure out if one of them is the killer ... or, could it be that he is the killer all along??? The plot is very similar to that of the previously released 2006 pic Unknown. In that film, a group of guys wake up trapped in a warehouse, beaten and bloody, with no idea who they are, how they got there or if one of them is responsible for keeping them captive. Both premises are very intriguing, though Unknown failed to fully capitalize on its fantastic set-up. As I've said before, it all comes down to script and execution. Seeing as the film will forever be compared to Christopher Nolan's Memento, here's hoping screenwriters Eddie and Chris Borey came up with a unique approach; one that will immediately rise it above the other half-assed amnesia flicks churned out each year.

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