If you're an anxious boy wizard fan, and you've been keeping abreast on the continuing news bits and rumors about Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, you might have heard rumors recently that there was a big kerfuffle over the adaptation of the current film. There were reports that Michael Goldenberg, the screenwriter for the film, had said that the film was suffering from its plot cuts and that Lady Rowling was so ticked off about it that she wanted to join the writing team for the remaining films. Well, it seems that the rumors were all a load of hooey. At least, they are according to Goldenberg, who talked with The Leaky Cauldron about the stories.

Throughout the interview, he pretty much debunked every aspect of the circulating rumors, saying that nothing could be further from the truth -- he's happy with how he tackled the adaptation, he's met with J.K. Rowling on several occasions, he did not nickname the script "Harry Scissorhands," no cuts will be haunting the future filmmakers of the series and he believes that Rowling joining the screenwriting team is the last thing she wants to do. Beyond that, there's lots of little bits. Goldenberg tries to appease those worried about adapting 900 pages into one feature film that isn't Grindhouse in length. He thinks that the adaptation was pretty manageable because a lot of the size was due to detail and sub-plots as opposed to super-important plot bits that can't be left out.

He also asserts that although the Ron-Quidditch storyline has been deleted, he made every effort to keep the spirit of the plot, that Ron is growing up and "coming into his own" in the film. And finally, he will not be returning for the rest of the films, as he will be letting Steven Kloves, who has written all of the others, take the reigns back. Eh, as long as he does Sirius justice, and I get a lot of face time to make up for Gary Oldman only being in embers in the last one, I'll be happy! And as early reports have indicated, I think I'll get my wish.

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