Hallelujah! Or rather: Hard. Rock. Hallelujah! That happens to be a song by Finnish monster rock band, Lordi. If you haven't heard of them and wonder what they're all about, you can check out the song I referred to here. It's almost like they're straight out of the 80's, with the bad girl all sad in high school, the bitchy cheerleaders, the hard music and over-the-top costumes. But they're not. They're actually a band that's hitting the world by storm, gaining huge success in Europe and now moving out to tour Asia and North America. And that's not all, folks! They're also going to star in a monster movie.

From an advertising and promotional standpoint, how better to gain recognition then to hit your core audience by means of a blood-fest flick? Hell, they've already got the ghoulish costumes -- consisting of armor and skeleton/zombie masks. According to frontman Tomi Petteri Putaansuu: "It will be a full-blooded horror flick, where our characters bluntly butcher people." And, as if it needed to be said: "It will not be for kids." According to Variety, the picture will be called Dark Floors and will shoot this May with pre-sales to begin at Cannes. According to esctoday.com, the Lordi frontman co-wrote the script with Veli-Pekka Hänninen, which is said to be "an American-type slasher thriller with a sprinkle of Japanese style," and it will be set in a hospital. That last bit is really too bad. I think it would've been fun to have a musical horror movie where the band travels around, wreaking their monster-fury and songs on the innocent populace.
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