Have you gotten your fill of Anna Nicole Smith yet? A few weeks ago, I was typing away at the airport in Atlanta trying to drown out the continuing, repetitive breaking news that was flowing out of every speaker -- Smith had 50 million types of drugs in her body! Harried travelers kept stopping, asking what this breaking news was, and then groaning when I told them that it was all Ms. Smith, and not even the Angelina variety. But now most of that has passed. We know who the father of her little girl is, and maybe, just maybe we can hope for a nice lull in coverage on the deceased, troubled celebrity.

Yeah, not quite. We should expect more coverage for at least the next year or so as Smith's colorful life is heading to indie film, Anna Nicole, and Variety has just announced the biopic's star -- Willa Ford. She used to be the self-proclaimed "Bad Girl of Pop," and she appeared in the third season of Dancing with the Stars. Since one of her singles was the multiplatinum I Wanna Be Bad, I guess she's getting her wish. The super-speedy crew will jump into filming next week, with Keoni Waxman directing. Covering Anna from the ages of 17 to 39, it'll show the time we can barely remember when she was a Monroe-esque Playboy centerfold and Guess model, her stint as an actress, that controversial marriage to billionaire old man Howard Marshall II, the shocking death of her son and then, of course, her own death. Ford has got the barely-clothed blonde thing going for her, but I'm not sure if I buy her as Smith. Then again, plastic surgery kept the troubled celebrity from even looking like herself, so I'm sure that doesn't matter much.
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