Are y'all practicing? Last week's photo inspired one of the better entry pools we've seen in a while, which makes me think you might be. And we all know practice makes perfect: Paris Hilton, who many of you cleverly referenced in your Disturbia captions, didn't just roll out of bed one day the world's best skank. It took years of fortitude, and a sex tape. (Please do not send us sex tapes.) Guitar

Congrats to our Disturbia winners, who clearly put in long hours (minutes?) of practice. This week, though, we've got some BIG prizes to bestow. Trust me, I do not use caps lock lightly. Check out the hilarious pic from the rocking documentary Air Guitar Nation below: The grand-prize winner for best caption will be owner of a brand-spanking new Epiphone guitar. See photo to the right, and don't worry, it's not to scale. And if that's not enough, one runner-up will win a DVD collection of 10 award-winning documentaries. So good luck folks. And while the heroes of Air Guitar Nation may prove you don't actually need a guitar to be a rock star, what else are you gonna smash to pieces when that stage euphoria (or drug rage) hits a crescendo?

Disturbia1. " Perplexed, Shia ponders how Mel Gibson is able to direct and star in his movies at the same time." -- Ben B.

2. " Turn around! You're on TV!"
-- Nathan T.

3. " Lonelyboy 1117 coming soon to YouTube!" -- Jason S.

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Air Guitar Nation