Empire Magazine (and website) recently asked its readers to come up with a bunch of questions for filmmaker Danny Boyle, and get this: Most of the questions were actually pretty intelligent! Mr. Boyle was rolling all over most of the world (but not the United States ... yet) in an effort to promote his latest film, an ambitious sci-fi project called Sunshine, but he found a few minutes to answer a good number of those questions. My favorite response from the esteemed moviemaker came after he was asked when he'll return to the science fiction genre. The reply was "I will die before I return to sci-fi." Heh. I guess Sunshine was a pretty tough shoot.

The fan-centric mega-interview covers a wide array of Boyle-related topics, from that long-discussed Trainspotting sequel and the upcoming 28 Weeks Later, but most of the piece focuses on Sunshine -- which opened in England last week but we have to wait for freakin' Septemer god that makes me mad... Whoops, sorry. Mr. Boyle also lets us know what his next film will be: Slum Dog Millionare is the title, and, as Chris Campbell pointed out last week, it's about a poor kid who hits the lottery on the Hindi equivalent of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Looks like the director will be following a "big" movie with a "little" one, kinda like he did with 28 Days Later and Millions.

Another great quote from Boyle is "All I can say about Transformers is that I hope Michael Bay doesn't find himself near me when he's on fire." Heh.
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