Jessica Alba as Nancy Callahan in Sin CityA few weeks back, over wings and beers at a bar on Eighth Avenue, a bunch of us started having a lively discussion about our celebrity crushes. And thus, our staff gallery of celebrity crushes was born, which begat our popular readers' celebrity crush gallery. Then we started thinking, wait a minute, who actually wants to date a celebrity? You'd have to deal with all the paparazzi and drug overdoses and eating disorders and disowning fathers-in-law. When it comes to fantasy, wouldn't you really rather date a movie character? That, of course, led to our staff gallery of movie characters we'd love to date.

And after all that, we are pleased to bring you ... drumroll, please ... our final feature in this fantasy crush series. We asked, you answered, the results are in: This is American Idol. Whoops. I mean, welcome to our reader-generated gallery of movie characters you'd date, selected from tons of entertaining comments (most of them wondering what kind of drugs we were on not to pick Jack Sparrow) posted right here on this very blog. You guys have got some weird fantasies, y'all. I mean, hats off to the person who admitted to crushing on Boba Fett.

A word of explanation, incidentally: We only included characters who weren't already in our staff gallery, so those two together should run the gamut. And what a gamut it is, from mutants to prostitutes to hobbits to girls next door.

Enough blather! Thanks to our friends from,, Dark Horizons, and, who kindly consented to submit their own picks. And of course, to all our readers who contributed. So take a look and let us know ... who's your secret movie love?

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