And on this lovely day:
  • If you're finding moviegoing a little drab lately, and are wanting an animated taste of the past, you should head over to Cartoon Brew. They've got a rare short film -- Look Who's Driving -- up for viewing. It's not a crappy talking kid movie with John Travolta, but one of those funky films from the 50's. Rocky and Bullwinkle director Bill Hurtz directed it, and Magoo designer Bob Dranko well, designed it. Unfortunately, not everything on the Internet is free, but the cost to see this short isn't too bad -- $2.00 right over at the Brew. Ah, the good ol' days.
  • And, if you're in the mood for a little live action, instead of animation, you might be interested in the news that's coming out of Japan. It seems that Gatchaman, the 5-member team of superheroes, is got one hell of a fever pitch going at the moment. First, there is the CGI version from Kevin Munroe that we've already posted about. Now, before the other is even made or released, there is word of a live action adaptation. According to Variety Asia, the Nikkatsu studio in Tokyo has the adaptation as one of the two films leading their 2007-2008 lineup, the other being YatterMan. The latter has grabbed Takashi Miike to direct, but Gatchaman is nothing more than a vision right now. I can't help but wonder if this will lead to us getting animated superhero movies along with our live action ones. [via Twitch]
  • But we've even got real-life heroes getting media treatment. According to Reuters, China state television is putting together a 40-part series about Bruce Lee. That's not a typo. The report says it will have FORTY parts. Now, the only thing that I can figure is that it will be a series of tiny shorts because, for cripes sake, the man died at 32, so that would be eight more parts than the man had years in his life. The kung fu legend will be played by Chan Kwok-kwan, who says: "I'm nervous and also excited, but I will do my best."