What safer way for Lindsay Lohan to put her wild, partying, panty-less days behind her than by jumping from rehab into a movie about drug addicts? La Lohan has just announced she intends to star in Hippy, a new project from director Chris Siverston. Lohan loved working with him so much on the upcoming I Know Who Killed Me that she made a deal for Hippy even though it's only in its "embryonic stage." Lohan told Entertainment Weekly: "I have so much faith in (Siverston), just as a person, and I just love working with him. I love him (so much) as a person, that while we were on set, I was like, "Let's make a deal right now." I love the double use of the phrase "as a person" -- you can imagine her publicist sitting right there pointing to a sign with those words on it.

Hippy is said to be about a group of kids who take a cross-country trip. One of the kids drops acid, goes nuts, and according to Lohan "starts, like, killing people."Like, whoa! Lohan's co-star in Hippy will be Marc Senter, who also appears in I Know Who Killed Me and who previously starred in Siverston's The Lost, the film that drew Lohan to the director. Lohan thinks that this Siverston guy "is going to be huge." You know ... as a person! EW asks Lohan if her working relationships with Siverston and Senter could be a new Hollywood team a la Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio and she responds "I'm all for it. Not that I wouldn't love to work with Scorsese also." Here's hoping Mr. Scorsese doesn't read that article.

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