Remember a few months back when a mysterious movie called "Motel Hell" popped up on MGM's year-end schedule? You don't? Why, we reported on it right here. Yes, someone over at MGM got the great idea to remake Kevin Connor's 1980 sleaze-tastic cannibal-riffic horror-comedy Motel Hell -- and apparently someone else at MGM said "great idea," which explains why the title popped up on that year-end schedule.

And just like that: It's gone. reports that the alleged remake of Motel Hell has been duly removed from MGM's release slate -- and the only people upset about it are most likely the producers of the original flick. (They're the ones who get paid if the remake gets made.) For those who don't remember this goofball flick, it's about a highway hotel that's actually the home of some raving cannibals who like to make sausage from unwary travelers. Sure, it's nothing broad a broad rehash of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I suppose, but the flick's got a pulpy sense of humor that I kind of enjoyed.

If and when someone changes their mind and decides that, yes, a Motel Hell remake is precisely what the universe needs, you can rest assured we'll bring you the news. (What's next? A remake of Mother's Day?)
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