Producer Joel Silver just made the equation crystal clear: If the direct-to-video Return to House on Haunted Hill is a success, then he'll probably churn out a few more just like it. So it's up to us now: If we don't want to be bothered with even more bargain bin cheese with titles like Return to Ghost Ship, House of Even More Wax, and The Reaping 2: The Reapening, then we should probably ignore Return to House on Haunted Hill when it hits DVD this September. Right? Who's with me?

Meh, who am I kidding? I'll give any horror flick an even chance, plus with the lowered expectations that come with a DTV sequel, we just might have something here. (Or maybe not.) The sequel to the remake of the 1959 William Castleproduction does come with a relatively colorful little ensemble: Jeffrey Combs, Cerina Vincent and Erik Palladino are among the bigger names. The director and the writer are both first-timers, so instead of being all snippy and dismissive about the generally well-established quality of DTV sequels (or lack thereof), I'll simply keep my fingers crossed and hope for a suitably entertaining little B-movie. (And it wouldn't have to be all that great to top the first House on Haunted Hill -- and by "the first" I mean "the remake.")

But seriously ... if Silver comes up with a sequel to Gothika, the gloves come off.
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