Here's how I stand on Vacancy: Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsale are the last two people I'd imagine paired up in a psychological thriller, seeing as I'm used to watching her fight vampires and his poor attempts at "average joe"-type comedy. However, I keep finding myself drawn to this film ... and I don't know why. No, it's not because of my warped fascination with the words 'Kate Beckinsale" and 'snuff film' (although you have to admit the combination is rather intriguing). I tend to think it has to do with wanting to see Luke Wilson try on something different for a change ... even if I do find him to be amongst the most boring actors working today.

With the film set to arrive in theaters on April 20, Movies Online now has an assortment of "crap, what did we get ourselves into" stills for you to rummage through. In the pic, Wilson and Beckinsale play a married couple with communication issues who, when their car breaks down, are forced to check into a seedy-looking motel. Upon settling down in their room, the two discover a bunch of unmarked tapes which turn out to be real-life snuff films. Even worse, they soon learn the people behind those tapes intend on making our troubled couple the stars of their next masterpiece. Oooh, creepy -- it's like 8MM meets Hostel, but with Luke Wilson as the hero. Extra creepy! (Totally off-topic, but did you notice that tomorrow is Friday, April 13th and there's not one gory horror flick being released? What's up with that?)

Sidenote: Sarah Jessica Parker was originally tapped to play Beckinsale's role, but dropped out after hubby Matthew Broderick wanted to use her in his own snuff film. Okay, that's not the real reason, but she did ditch the project.

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