Martha Fischer first posted about Keira Knightley's upcoming film, Atonement, lastyear. The film is an adaptation of Ian McEwan's Booker-nominated novel about romance, war and childhood assumptions. The book has three main parts, and if the trailer is any indication, it seems like a pretty faithful adaptation of the story. First, there's Briony Tallis, a young girl who misconstrues a run-in between her older sister Cecilia and their neighbor, Robbie (James McAvoy), which leads to her falsely accusing the young man of a crime. The next section deals with Robbie fighting in WW2 and Dunkirk (a reflection of stories McEwan learned from his father and later dealt with accusations of plagiarism for). The third then returns to Briony, who becomes a war nurse in London. Finally, there's also an epilogue with Briony as an old woman.

I'm sure that it is no coincidence that the film will be released on December 7, where it can be fresh on the minds of Academy voters. For now, all we've got is the trailer, but I'm happy to report that it looks pretty interesting. A refreshing twist from the Bug trailer I wrote about earlier today, this has no cheesy voice-overs and in fact, it uses the clack of a typewriter to aid Dario Marianelli's interesting score. You can see Briony as played by Saoirse Ronan, Romola Garai and finally Vanessa Redgrave, although I kind of wish Keira had the role. I really, really want to make punning bony jokes about the actress, because the only negative thing I have to say about the trailer is that I really want to feed her a hamburger in the shots they show of Knightley in a green, satin slip dress. Alas, Briony isn't boney and there goes the joke. Regardless, it's a damn spiffy trailer. It shows a lot, but doesn't tell a lot, and I really want to hear more of the score. Anyone else as anxious to see this as I am?