Re-releasing movies is nothing new. If a film is up for an Oscar and hasn't been in theaters for a while, it'll get a second release. Sometimes, like with Grease, an old flick will get screened again to commemorate an anniversary. But in this case, we've got an indie film who got screwed over when their distribution company tanked. The Other Conquest, which is a film about Aztecs fighting against Spanish conquerors in the 16th century, was originally released in LA, Orange County, Palm Springs and Santa Barbara in 2000. After grossing almost $1 million during this tiny run, it went absolutely nowhere.

Salvador Carrasco's film, which stars Damian Delgado, Elpidia Carrillo, Jose Carlos Rodriguez and inaki Aierra, was never released on DVD, and now it is getting its second chance with Union Station Media. President Paul Gardner says: "The Other Conquest is one of the most important Mexican films ever produced, remarkable not only for its cinematic quality but also for its entertainment value and humanism. It's a joy to do this. A lot of people are finally going to have the opportunity to see a truly great film." The film definitely found the right people at the right time. Mexican cinema is going well now north of their border and the distribution company definitely sounds like they're solidly behind the project. Barring more bad luck, the film will begin its re-release schedule on May 4 in places like New Mexico and Texas, with New York coming into the picture on May 11.
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