Remember that lawsuit that Jessica Barnes posted about in February? To recap -- there was this big blockbuster film, or rather, there was this movie that filmmakers hoped would be a big hit -- Sahara. While it might have had a short rule in the box office, the movie pretty much flopped. Grossing less than $70 million, and having a budget of almost twice that, well, it leaves a bunch of people angry and disappointed. So, we've got the author of the original novel, Clive Cussler, blaming the producers, Crusader Entertainment. They, in turn, are counter-suing that the author not only badmouthed them in the press, but that he also made racial slurs during production.

The trial has been underway for a while now, and jurors have heard testimony from screenwriters, executives and lawyers about the doomed film's struggles. The latest in the parade -- director Breck Eisner. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he says that he was aware that it had some problems, but knew that he could "nail this film" and had no idea how big the problems were. Not only that, but he thought that this would be the beginning of a film franchise, just like Indiana Jones! I'm not sure why Eisner would think that he could take a movie that he knew had problems, and make it into a huge, unforgettable blockbuster franchise. Youthful exuberance? Naive hope? He was replacing Rob Bowman, and had a script that went through tons of revisions and tons of screenwriters. That's not really a solid base to start from. Oh well. No big franchise for him. However, he does have the Creature from the Black Lagoon in development, but that news just makes me wish that Sahara had done well. I don't want anyone touching my beloved monster movie!
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