Though we already told you about Sandra Bullock's quest to stalk a cameraman in the new romantic comedy All About Steve, her participation was not set in stone. However, now it is, and the Hollywood Reporter tells us newbie director Phil Traill has signed on to direct. This will mark Traill's directorial debut; the guy first made a name for himself after his two short films, Flipped and Dangle, won Europe's Cinema Jove award in 2002 and 2003. Though I haven't had a chance to check out his shorts, they must have been pretty damn special for him to land this gig. Sandra Bullock is still hot, right? And I don't mean hot as in "Holy crap, that girl is, like, totally hot!" I mean, "That Sandra Bullock -- her films are hot!" Wait ... then again, I'm not sure what I mean.

Anyway, Bullock (who likes to go between awkward thriller and romantic comedy as if she was trying to decide which pair of underwear to throw on in the morning) will star as a woman obsessed with crossword puzzles and equally obsessed with a CNN cameraman. After going on one date together, she gets it in her head that the two are meant for one another, and begins to follow the dude all over the country in an effort to prove she's a) completely nuts and b) perfect marriage material. Yeah, so it's like a romantic comedy ... for stalkers. Which is always a nice thing to watch on a rainy Friday night alongside the person you're thinking about breaking up with. No word yet on a co-star or release date; Fox 2000 will distribute.

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