I kinda feel bad for little Jake Lloyd. Okay, he isn't quite so little any more -- he just turned 18 last month. But what has happened to the kid since starring as the young Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace? It has been almost 10 years, and Lloyd hasn't gotten much. He managed to star in an indie movie, Die with Me, and some flick called Madison. Beyond that, he's lent his voice to five Star Wars video games. That's it. People worry what will happen to the Harry Potter kids as they age, but at least they had a number of huge cinematic experiences to pull from. Poor Jake, he just has the one. (I am not going to count Jingle All the Way!)

Now, he's the big guest star for Celebration IV -- the big Star Wars fan convention. But this isn't the first. He was also there last year, for Celebration III. So, any fans who didn't get to ask him about his experiences last year have another shot. While maybe this would sweeten the Celebration for hard-core Star Wars fans, this news leaves me a little sad. Is this what the kid's life will be? Spending decades talking about a very short amount of time on a movie when he was almost too young to remember? I can see his future now -- at 40, he'll be attending these conventions, telling that funny anecdote about Ewan McGregor for the 100th time and signing autographs while people peer at pictures of him as a kid and try to see where the tot is inside this much older man. Maybe he'll get lucky and Kevin Smith will be ready by then to make another Jay and Silent Bob movie, and instead of coming up against Mark Hamill, they'll get Jake Lloyd.
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