We knew the Wachowski Bros. would be throwing the family-friendly smackdown on next summer's live-action Speed Racer flick, but leave it up to them to bring on the far-from-wholesome Christina Ricci to star. The Hollywood Reporter tells us this morning that Ricci has become the latest to join the Speed Racer crew, with Emile Hirsch, Susan Sarandon and John Goodman already signed on. Ricci will play Speed's girlfriend, Trixie (somewhere right now, Emile Hirsch is high-fiving his friends), a strong ally on and off the track. Pic is set to begin shooting this summer in Berlin with Joel Silver attached to produce.

As of now, it appears Larry and Andy Wachowski will take their version of Speed Racer in a similar direction to that of the 1960s cartoon it's based on. Story will center on a teenage race car driver named Speed who tears up the track in his Mach 5 (which is filled with all sorts of gadgets, a la James Bond). So far, the only character that hasn't been cast is Racer X, a mysterious phantom racer who, in the cartoons, was revealed to be Speed's older brother. Sarandon and Goodman will play Speed's parents. What do you think about Ricci being cast here? Seeing as she's been doing the indie thing for awhile now (with her last role finding her half-naked and chained to a radiator), is this an odd choice or one that makes a lot of sense? And now that you see the cast coming together, who would you like as Racer X? Warner Bros. will send Speed Racer into theaters on May 9, 2008.

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