Posting on the Internet will bring out just about everyone -- the happy, the smart, the dumb, the dumb people who think they're smart, the delusional, the angry, the gramatically-sensitive, the horny, the fanboy and fangirl, the argument addicts and just about everyone else. Opening a post up for comments -- well, that's where the fun begins.

I'm back after a Good Friday hiatus with two rather enjoyable comment threads. That's right, you're only getting two this week, but instead of lone comments, they're longer threads. First, we've got Jonathan, who smited Erik for calling someone a dumbass, and neglected to notice that the person's handle was, in fact, "dumbass." Oh, the poetic justice!

And, after the jump we have a Smithy treat. If you hang around the cyber halls of Cinematical, you've probably seen Smith pop up now and then -- mostly to refute anything negative. I brought him out of the woodwork in November when I said that his films weren't as good as they used to be. (And yes, I'm a fan -- one who thinks the first three are flipping wonderful and the rest are varying shades of good.) Now, months later, Elrond Hobbert/Stan Winsome has riled him up again.

First Pic of Iron Man Hits Net!

"Yo Erik Davis thats the origin iron man suit which is only going to be in the movie for a few minutes or so ( least I hope). Stark gets captured, gets a heart problem so he has to find a way to stay alive and break out of the camp. This is his first creation of the iron man suit. We should expect to see the classic red and gold pretty soon." -- dumbass

"Yo dumbass, thanks for the lesson. That's what I figured; it was an early suit used to escape, with a more agile one being built afterwards." -- Erik Davis

"Erik Who is the dumbass? I would think it's you for not researching an article before you post it. Ever heard of Wikipedia? You could have gotten all of the information you needed in five minutes.

I would expect the more juvenile posters to have a 'thanks dumbass' attitude when someone makes a newbie mistake, but not from one of Cinematical's editors.

Shame on you.
(And if comments can get Imus suspended, well I guess you should get sent home for the afternoon without pay.)" -- Jonathan
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