Just in time for Christmas last year, Jessica Barnes alerted us to the Nat Clifton biopic in the works -- Sweetwater. Director Martin Guigui has had the project in development for almost a decade, and I can only hope that his talents were sapped with that project. Why? Because the man's short list of films consist of features like the Debbie Deborah Gibson headliner My X-Girlfriend's Wedding Reception and National Lampoon's Cattle Call. Now the basketball film has got some cast -- Richard Dreyfuss and Henry Simmons. The question of the moment: Will this be Dreyfuss' next Opus, or will it flounder like the fishy Poseidon?

The basketball legend will be played by the 6' 4" acting giant Simmons, who co-starred with Queen Latifah and Jimmy Fallon in the questionable Taxi, and in the similarly-received Madea's Family Reunion last year. However, this won't be his first drama. He's also got The Insurgents, with Mary Stuart Masterson, coming out this year. Now the lovely Mr. Dreyfuss will be playing Abe Saperstein, the man who created the Harlem Globetrotters in 1927. Sweetwater Clifton had spent three years on the Globetrotters, and then Saperstein sold his contract to the New York Knicks in 1950 -- making him the first African-American to be signed to an NBA team. It appears that the film will also delve into Clifton's earlier life. Son of rapper Master P, Lil' Romeo, will play the legend as a kid.
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