After almost ten years hunting down aliens and working up one heck of a pile of tension on X-Files, Gillian Anderson dropped off the radar. Now that she's had a stint as Widow Wadman in A Cock and Bull Story, and played Sarah Merrit in The Last King of Scotland, it looks like she's back on track. The actress has signed on to star in Helen, which will be the first English-language feature by Sandra Nettelbeck, and a change from her usual, lighter fare. She's the writer and director of Mostly Martha, which is getting adapted into an English feature, No Reservations, starring Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart.

is about a woman, I presume of the same name, who is a talented professor -- not one who is working during the Depression. Rather, she plays one who suffers from it -- clinically. According to one of the producers, Egoli Tossell's Jens Meurer: "It's the story of a successful woman who has it all but whose life falls apart as a result of this disease. It's also about her overcoming the illness against all the odds." Methinks she can pull it off. Unfortunately, that's all we have for the moment about that flick. However, the production company also has a slew of other great movies in the works. There's The Master of Farnow, an English feature based on the 1906 German novella Schwuele Tagem. It is an "erotic tale of love and deceit among wealthy families" that will be headed by The Lives of Others star, Sebastian Koch. There's also The Last Station, the Tolstoy biopic starring Anthony Hopkins and Meryl Streep, as well as Peter and Catherine, which will star Chloe Sevigny.
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