Grindhouse directors Robert Rodriguez and Quentin TarantinoLast weekend's poor opening of Grindhouse was a bit of a surprise to many of us in the "biz." It seemed like a can't-miss proposition: a horror movie + Rose McGowan with a machine gun leg + two well known, popular directors. So why didn't the masses show up? I have a theory.

For one thing, the vast majority of today's moviegoers (teenagers) don't give a s**t about pedigree. Quentin Tarantin-who? Robert Rodrig-what? For the people who are actually spending the money at the box office, who directed the movie is meaningless.

Moviegoers are also apparently not big on the "retro bulls**t." I live with a couple of teenagers and getting them to think back to 2002 is almost impossible. To get them excited about a horror knock-off from the '60s and '70s ... I might as well be talking to them about their SAT scores. Plus, the violence ante has been raised to such a degree that fake-looking blood and zombie violence will no longer do. We need to see brutality and torture that looks so real that maybe it is.

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