I was watching Fargo again the other night and it made me rediscover my love for Peter Stormare. What exactly is his accent in that movie? "I need unguent!" Stormare is a textbook example of a great character actor. It's always exciting to see him pop up in a movie, because you know you're going to get something unusual. He appears to be just a little bit out of his mind, and thus he is always entertaining to watch. And come on, the guy was "rogue electrician" Slippery Pete! Usually, Stormare strolls into a movie, steals a few scenes and leaves, but he has just been cast in a rare leading role in Varg, which translates to Wolf.

Wolf is the first original feature script from Swedish novelist Kerstin Ekman. Ekman is a highly respected Swedish author -- Anthony Minghella unsuccessfully tried to adapt her best-known novel Darkwater for the big screen years ago. The film will be directed by Daniel Alfredson. You know, Daniel Alfredson! He directed Dodsklockan? Syndare i sommarsol? No? Not ringing any bells? Wolf is being shot in northern Sweden, and the story "looks at how the traditions of the Sami people collide with the demands of modern day society." Stormare was born in northern Sweden, where the Sami live, so Wolf will see him returning to his roots. Stormare plays a "reindeer handler" in the film, but will presumably not rock the white beard and red suit.

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