The teen-thriller Disturbia doesn't live up to the promise of its title. It isn't a bad movie, but you can find better movies in theaters right now, if you want to watch a good thriller. And if you want to stay home, you can just rent Rear Window, on which Disturbia is loosely based. Shia LaBeouf takes the Jimmy Stewart role, which at least is better than "Ice Cube plays the Cary Grant role." Apart from a contemporary setting, nothing about Disturbia gives it an advantage over the Hitchcock film. The film opens with Kale (LaBeouf) fishing with his dad, a stereotypical father-son bonding stereotypes, so you know everything is fine in Kale's world. But an unexpected tragedy puts a stop to that.

A year later, Kale is the sullenest of teens, and ends up in juvenile court after punching a teacher. He's sentenced to a summer of house arrest, working his mom Julie's (Carrie-Ann Moss) last nerve, and going stir-crazy. He finds a pair of binoculars and starts spying on the neighbors.Two in particular catch his interest: the new girl next door, Ashley (Sarah Roemer), and Mr. Turner (David Morse), whose car is suspiciously similar to that of a local murderer at large. Kale and his friend Ronnie (Aaron Yoo), eventually assisted by Ashley, start focusing their attention and their cameras on the mysterious Mr. Turner.