You know the old saying: "It's all over but the shouting?" Well, that almost applies in this case if you replace "shouting" with "shooting" and change the saying to something like: "Its all over but the post-production." However you say it, I've been cautiously optimistic about this film and am even more so now that principal photography (what they call it in the "biz") is over. To what potential horror-classic am I referring? 30 Days of Night, which stars Josh Hartnett and Melissa George, based on the Steve Niles graphic novel.

Over at Ghost House Pictures, one of the production companies for the film, they commemorate the completion of principal photography after seventy days and nights. They're so happy -- giddy, actually, that they've even included a video featuring the cast and crew's mix of emotions as filming concludes. Among those appearing in the video are producer Robert Tapert, who narrates, and a special appearance by one of the most important pieces of the filmmaking process -- the Champan hybrid dolly. Seeing the video and having been on a few sets in my time, I can understand exactly what the cast and crew are going through.

Sure, spending eighteen hours a day six or more days a week for 70 days and nights may sound like fun -- and many times it is. But when its all over, you're left with a mixture of elation at having finished shooting the movie (which in itself is a major accomplishment), sadness at having to say goodbye to the people who've been your de facto family for the last several months and the realization that you're unemployed again and need to start looking for your next gig. Among the range of emotions and feelings you can have when a show wraps, that last one almost always hurts the most. 30 Days of Night is set for release October 19th.
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