After collaborating with documentary filmmaker Pat Dollard on his series, Young Americans, Tony Scott wants to bring the man's story to the big screen. It's a pretty interesting story to boot. The guy was a big, Hollywood talent agent who came from a staunchly liberal family. He was wrapped up in drugs, hookers and many ex-wives, while professionally, he helped Steven Soderbergh rise into a successful, Oscar-winning director. But that's only the first half of the story. If you're familiar with Young Americans, you'll know that Dollard made a big switch from Hollywood liberal to conservative, pro-war filmmaker, one who some consider him to be the right wing Hunter S. Thompson.

Now, Dollard seems pretty taken with the Domino director -- on his blog, he describes Scott as "a bad-&ss visionary motherf---er." It isn't surprising, therefore, that he'd close a deal that allows Scott to make a movie about his life. The feature will be based on a Vanity Fair article entitled Pat Dollard's War on Hollywood, and also include his life rights. But that's not the kicker. The biopic will be written by the article's writer, Evan Wright, and Dollard himself. Oh yes, he's writing his own biopic! It sounds a smidge self-masturbatory, but then again, maybe that will bring a new spin to his crazily sensational story. If it is truly based on the article, it should have all the juicy bits. And I mean that, literally -- he also went off the wagon for a bit after sobering up, went to rehab, hired an ex-con to keep him sober, fell off the wagon again by smoking meth with the guy, and made a meth-hazed porn movie with the ex-con's girlfriend. So yeah, while the guy might have become conservative in some ways, he's, umm, unique.

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