Somehow, I managed to miss Everything's Gone Green when it played at Toronto last year, and then we missed it again in its American debut at SWSW last month. It's nothing personal -- fests (with the exception of Telluride, which is small and oh-so-intimate) tend to have schedules so packed with films, there's no way we can possibly see everything, and it's so hard from the catalog descriptions to figure out what's worth seeing (Note to indie filmmakers: This is why, if your film is showing a fest you know we'll be covering, you should drop a line in the comments or email me personally at kim(at)cinematical(Idot)com to let us now about your film! Several filmmakers did that when I announced I was going to be at AFI Dallas, and as a result I saw their films!).

Anyhow, I missed catching Everything's Gone Green, but lucky for me (and you!) the film is about to be get a limited release. The film, which boasts the first screenplay written by Douglas Coupland (Generation X) is about a 20-something slacker, Ryan, who falls into a money-laundering scam involving his job writing about lottery winners. It sounds amusing, and I'm guessing, since the website for the film jokes about the irony of the film being released on "4/20" that there's a subplot involving the smoking of much marijuana, which should certainly give the film added appeal for its target demographic, not to mention the entire Pacific Northwest, where the film will show in abundance.

You can go to the film's website to find out more about the film and when and where it's playing near you; in the meantime, you can watch an exclusive clip of the film right here.
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