Remember way back on April 13 when we reported that Christina Ricci will be playing the love interest in the family-friendly Speed Racer film from the Wachowskibrothers? Well, just in case you were on vacation or something, here's a reminder. Over at JoBlo, they found a little video clip that's already circulating, with Ricci staring into a camera and talking up her enthusiasm for Speed Racer, her character, and the Wachowski brothers in particular. You never actually hear anyone asking Ricci questions in this video, it just sort of cuts directly from answer to answer, with the question presumably being "Tell us more things you like about Speed Racer!" You can almost see Joel Silver standing just out of camera range, with arms crossed, watching to make sure his leading lady has enough enthusiasm in her voice when she says "I love the Wachowskis and have loved their movies and to get to be in one of their movies is so exciting..."

According to Ricci, her character "is there cause she loves him and she loves what their doing and she loves cars and she's really into it, and down for like, whatever adventure needs to happen." She also says that the film will combine modern elements with the things that "people love about Speed Racer." I'm perfectly willing to believe there are lots of people who love Speed Racer, but I have to confess that I have no idea who they are. The only memory I have of Speed Racer is of a vaguely Japanese-style cartoon of a kid with a helmet behind the wheel of a souped-up racing vehicle. I've retained nothing beyond that, but here's hoping the Wachowskis have gotten their arms around an interesting project. Also, on a separate note, I'm still wondering if they are going to be credited for their work on The Invasion -- has anyone heard anything new on that?
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