Hallelujah, it's the weekend! But there is still news to share:
  • I am now 100% convinced that Peter O'Toole passed away, and some sort of robot took over his career. That is the only thing that makes sense considering the ever-growing number of projects that actor is involving himself with. Then again, maybe he just has a death wish and fittingly figures he should work himself into the grave by never stopping to catch a breath. Variety has reported that he and Sam Neill will be starring in a Canadian miniseries called Iron Road. Taking place during the final building moments of the Canadian Pacific Railway, it follows a poor Chinese girl who falls for a rich tycoon. Sources say his character is named "Relic." Sounds more like a Kung Fu role to me, but we'll see.
  • Wonders never, ever cease. The latest words to be put together -- Mike. Tyson. Bollywood. Sounds unbelievable, doesn't it? According to the CBC, the ear-hungry fighter will join the cast of Fool and Final for a pop music video by Indian singer Himesh Reshammiya. The movie is about some sort of boxer who helps to foil a diamond heist. Sure, the boxing ties into the attention for Tyson, but that still seems like a huge jump to make. Could this be Tyson's re-imagining? Will he start donning colorful clothes and become a Bollywood dance star? Maybe not, but I can dream.
  • Fie John Goodman. As Jessica Barnes shared a few days ago, he is being sued for backing out of the upcoming film Pope Joan. Now Constantin Film has officially stopped production. Is this really necessary? Can't they follow through with the suit while getting one of the many other men in the world to play the part of Pope Sergius? I really don't care what the particulars are. Get back into production, cast someone else and get me my Franka Potente!

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