If your favorite scenes from The Last Boy Scout are the ones between Bruce Willis and Halle Berry, and you've been waiting patiently for 16 years for the two of them to be reunited on screen, then your prayers have been answered! Berry and Willis are co-starring in Perfect Stranger, a suspense thriller opening this weekend, and we recently had a chance to sit down with some of the main players from the film during roundtables at the Manhattan press junket. Willis was a no-show, but Berry, director James Foley, and Giovanni Ribisi were on hand to answer questions and talk about the project. You may have noticed that we already ran the news that Ribisi used the junket to announce his upcoming turn as Albert Einstein in a biopic, and a few other bits of news also emerged during the day as well. Here is a sampling of the questions and answers, with Cinematical's questions credited. This piece is relatively spoiler-free, but if you want to go into the movie with a clean slate, you might want to think twice about reading -- otherwise, enjoy!

Halle Berry

Cinematical: This is a movie where you're acting and the character you play is sometimes acting -- what's the process for keeping all of that straight?
"I think about it all the time. Which is why I was scared of this role, because I saw all of the nuances and all of the layers and I knew that my character was never really herself, ever -- maybe a few moments in the movie do you get to see the real character that's not pretending to be somebody else. The challenge for me was to act as these other people and have the other characters in the movie believe what she was saying, but still not act so well that the audience saw through it. When I wanted the audience to know that I was acting, like with Catherine Pogue, I had to act well enough so that Bruce Willis' character would buy it, but not so well that the audience forgot that she was really Ro acting as Catherine. Those were like ... I remember James Foley would sometimes say 'cut!' and I'd say 'what, wasn't that good?' and he would say 'Ro does not have an Academy award. You have got to do that over.' So that was always my sort of balance that I tried to walk."