Everything is media-worthy, especially these days. We're in a world where Monica Lewinsky can become a huge, recognizable name for her Presidential indiscretions, and a world where her therapist, Dr. Irene Kassorla, will get her own feature film. Randy Greenberg, a former executive from Universal, has grabbed the rights to the doctor's unpublished biography -- Miracle at Springfield Hospital. He's hired Nancy Hendrickson, whose lone, released credit is this year's The Healing, a short film about a jaded Hollywood executive. (She also has feature in pre-production -- In Defense of Carol Jean.)

I don't think Dr. Kassorla is too jaded -- she gets to hear the myriad of plights of stars, and has made a ton of money musing about them in books. For example, Nice Girls Do was inspired by an actress in the 60's who was very depressed because she'd never had an orgasm and faked it with the man she loved. The doctor is also a big on-air personality who was the first to have live group therapy on television. The film will focus on the doctor's biography, which centers on her time as the only female doctoral student at the University of London's Institute of Psychiatry, and a catatonic, schizophrenic patient she rehabilitated. It doesn't sound like screen-time will be given to the stars she's counseled, or her stint as Lewinsky's therapist during the Ken Starr investigations. But kudos to them for that. It'd be easy to make a juicy, tabloid-heavy story that brings the people in, but a bit harder to ignore that and just focus on her earlier accomplishments.
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