The 2007 Gen Art Film Festival is in full swing, and last night I stopped by to check out the New York premiere of Sharkwater, a fantastic new documentary directed by Rob Stewart. The theme of the night was 'green' -- a save the environment kind of thing -- and prior to the Sharkwater screening, they showed a wonderful short film called GimmeGreen; needless to say, I will never look at watering the front lawn the same way again. Sharkwater is a very different type of documentary; not only are sharks represented as the good guys here, but the film -- which starts off as a calm, peaceful nature documentary -- quickly turns into a battle between the filmmakers and a group of illegal shark poachers, corrupt governments and the shark mafia (I swear, there's a shark mafia!).

Check out the video above, and definitely make sure you swing by Gen Art's official festival website for more information on the films, as well as to pick up tickets for the remaining nights.

Note: Music from Colors of a New Dawn.

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