Two new clips from the upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End have popped up on the Internets. Each is only a minute or so, but they seem to tell us one thing in particular about the movie -- it will be jokey. Both scenes seem to be respites from the action, when Captain Jack takes a few moments to engage in verbal jousting with his opposites. In the first one, he's telling off a couple of pirate whores who have apparently caught up with him on the deck of his ship. They each end up slapping him in turn. The clip then cuts to one of those 'HBO Behind the Scenes' style montages -- a blur of markers, megaphones, crew people, actors and Bruckheimer talking up the film to the cameras. If you look closely during this montage, I think you'll see some new stuff that hasn't appeared anywhere else.

The second clip is all from the movie and features a pissing match between Captain Jack and Geoffrey Rush's character, over who is actually in charge of the ship they are on. I gotta say, these new clips don't exactly fill me with a lot of confidence. I was a vocal fan of the first film -- I thought it was an entertaining kids movie, the kind of thing they should focus on making instead of those assembly line animated films that pop up every three months -- but the second one left me cold. It was too bloated, too aware of the expectations riding on it, and too bland in general to really leave an impact. The third one is starting to seem like it will also falter by trying to be too 'big,' instead of just focusing on being good. Aside from the trailer and a few other snippets here and there, I know virtually nothing about the film, though, so here's hoping they've used the first film as their template instead of the second. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End is scheduled to port in theaters on May 25.