I was not a film critic as a child, and there were a lot of movies I liked then that wouldn't appeal to me today: Benji, Candleshoe, The Love Bug and all those Tim Conway/Don Knotts movies leap to mind. And I didn't like some movies the first time I saw them. I was disappointed that Freaky Friday was not like the book (the remake is better), and I've always felt Gene Wilder was a little creepy both in The Little Prince and -- don't kill me -- Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. There are a number of movies I can't enjoy anymore because I am appalled by the gender or racial stereotypes. And some are too saccharine for words. In fact, there are a number of childhood favorites that I think it's best for me not to see again at all, because I prefer to remember them fondly without the reality of a contemporary viewing to shatter my illusions.

However, it's a wonderful feeling to revisit a childhood favorite and discover that the movie is still fun to watch. I'd much rather tell you about the films I loved as a child or pre-teen that I still watch and enjoy today, than dwell on the ones that don't hold up very well. Compiling this list has caused me to draw up a list of movies that I haven't seen since I was younger that I'd like to see again soon -- Yellow Submarine, which I enjoyed as early as age six, isn't on the list because I haven't seen the complete movie since college, but I think I'd still like it. And I've been tempted lately to check out those early Kurt Russell films from Disney like The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes. The seven movies on the following list are all films I liked when I was young and still like now -- "young" meaning all the way up into my early teenage years, because I was able to watch better movies I am more likely to remember and that appeal to me now.
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