I know you have just been itching to see more Rush Hour 3 footage after Erik led us to a leaked teaser on YouTube that has Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan sitting in the back of the French taxicab singing Lady Marmalade. Now we've got a whole scene to direct your attention to -- and by George, it actually has a little action. And by little, I mean that both figuratively and literally. It's not a big action scene, although there are a few mini stunts, but a goofy scene that has Tucker and Chan facing the monstrously tall Chinese basketball player Sun Ming Ming.

And Sun is about all that the clip has going for it. I mean Jackie Chan is teeny already, but pit him against a man who is 7'9", and he seems like an ant. Beyond that, we've got Tucker skillfully emoting surprise and spastically trying to smack the giant while Sun holds his head away, like a kid. Oh yes, and there's a bunch of giggling young tykes around them. As for action, there's Chan doing an interesting escape from his jacket, and that's pretty much it. I know that Chan said Brett Ratner couldn't direct action, but I hope there's still more to it then a little coat fumbling and the two getting lightly flung through the air. Tucker asks his buddy: "How do you say surrender in Chinese?" and I wonder if someone should have thought of surrendering the idea before this was made.