There's something about the dashed dreams of hopeful girls that's so damn appealing in Hollywood. How many times did Rose McGowan's machine gun-legged heroine state: "I'm not a stripper! I'm a go-go dancer!"? It's the city of dashed dreams, so it's no wonder that the movie industry loves the theme. Now Darren Grant, the man who brought us Diary of a Mad Black Woman and a whole slew of music videos is jumping on the train.

According to Variety, he has signed on to direct a burlesque dance film called Make it Happen. The plot is simple -- a young, small-town girl moves to Chicago, dreaming of becoming a professional dancer. Of course, she ends up performing at a burlesque bar instead. Oh, the possibilities! Will she become empowered by the sexiness and realize that she's right where she wants to be? Will she wiggle her bum and inspire an agent who happens to be in the crowd that she should get her big break? I'm sure it will be something like that, since it is coming from Duane Adler, the guy who wrote Save the Last Dance and Step Up. There is no cast attached yet, but that should come soon, since the movie starts filming in July in Louisiana and Chicago. Meanwhile, Grant has his hands full with two other features, which altogether give him a bit of a varied cinematic palette. He's directing Mama Black Widow, which follows Otis Tilson's story about black ghettos in the 1930's, and Venus Kincaid, which is about a government agent who morphs into a teen girl who still remembers all her skills and training.
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