Since Spider-Man 3 is premiering in Tokyo, like, right now, the reviews are starting to pour in. These aren't reviews from the premiere, but like here in the states, there are audiences who get to check it out prior to the main event. (Come tomorrow, I expect there to be a slew of reviews up around the net.) AICN has two of the first reviews up and, as expected, they're more than glowing. Seeing as both reviews include major plot spoilers (so much so that AICN had to delete a sentence from one review that told us exactly how the movie ends), I'll share with you some of the spoiler-free quotes. Check this out: "This is the most emotional, and epic entry in the series, and like its predecessors, it never loses sight that action is a bonus to the character drama, and not the main attraction, it really is amazing."

Here's another fantabulous quote (keep in mind this review was translated off a Chinese website): "Spider-Man 3 must be the best visual action blockbuster ever and outdo all its predecessors. It is really rare to see a better sequel these days, right?" As far as whether or not the third film sets up a fourth installment, the first reviewer felt Spidey 3 was more of a finale than a middle chapter. They write: "Raimi has proven himself a spider god thrice over now, and really I want this film to be the last one. It ends every major plot line and doesn't leave much open, albeit it doesn't really zip things shut either, but really this is a great ending." Apart from those quotes, that's all I can really show you -- before you head on over there, please be aware that both of these reviews provide tons of spoilerish plot details (though if you've seen all the trailers, pics and footage, then you pretty much know what's going to happen). Spider-Man 3 opens here on May 4.

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