According to a recent report that surfaced over at Dark Horizons, stalwart Indiana Jones sidekick Sallah, played by John Rhys-Davies in both Raiders of the Lost Arkand Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade will not be appearing in the fourth installment of the franchise. I'm not sure if this exactly qualifies as a "travesty" or not, but it is a little disappointing, especially as Sallah was a very important part of Raiders and provided the film with some of its best lines, like: "Snakes, you go first" and the classic "Bad dates." So, why is he reportedly not being included in Indy 4?

According to the site, Rhys-Davies was asked about his appearance in the film at a recent Sci-Fi convention in New Zealand. He answered that, through a third party, he was told his character was written out of the script in favor of "a younger cast." If that's really the reason he was given for not being in the film, I have to wonder a little about it. And, if his character was "written out," could it be that at one point it was "written in?" Not to be a nit-picker but according to IMDB, Rhys-Davies is actually two years younger than Harrison Ford. Although, I guess you can't really have an Indiana Jones movie without Indiana Jones. Plus, Lucas and Spielberg probably decided that one old guy running around getting into fights, swinging from a bullwhip, shooting bad guys and protecting antiquities was enough for one movie. Thinking about it like that I guess I can't really blame them. Still, what's next, no Short Round either?

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