In a case of truly uninspired filmmaking, Lawrence Kasdan is going to write a remake of the beloved, 1981 truly, terribly, wonderfully classic Clash of the Titans. Travis Beacham, who co-wrote A Killing on Carnival Row with Neil Jordan, wrote a draft for the film, and now the Mumford man is taking over to script the feature. Kasdan is the guy who long ago brought us The Empire Strikes Back and Raiders of the Lost Ark, before jumping into The Big Chill and The Bodyguard, and last writing the questionable Dreamcatcher.

No, no, NO! This has to be the stupidest movie move that I've encountered in a while -- since we had the completely pointless Psycho re-do. Remake the Brady's and make fun of them. Empower Charlie's Angels to be even tougher. Make a new Ocean's 12 for the next generation. However, do not rob Harry Hamlin's shining achievement in film, and one of the best goofy films we've got out there. Clash of the Titans is a cult classic partially because of out-dated special effects. Take away Hamlin and amp up the effects and what do you have? You've got the story of Zeus' son, Perseus. You might as well just make a new re-telling of the Greek legend instead of a remake of this specific film. Besides, you can't beat casting the epic Laurence Olivier, or the late, great Burgess Meredith. Step away from the project, Mr. Kasdan. Bubo doesn't want you to touch him.
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