While you could probably question some of John Malkovich's choices when it comes to movie roles, you can't help but notice that he usually manages to walk away with his reputation intact. The Hollywood Reporterannounced that Malkovich has joined the thriller Afterwards; a film that also stars Romain Duris and Evangeline Lilly (who probably needs no introduction to you Lost fans, as she is the show's star). This is Lilly's big-screen debut, and will be a return home for the Canadian-born actress when the film starts shooting in Montreal, and then in New York later this summer.

Based on the novel "Et apres...." by Guillaume Musso, the story centers on Duris' character, "a workaholic lawyer drifting away from his ex-wife (Lilly) and daughter, who meets a mysterious doctor (Malkovich) who claims to have the power to predict people's deaths". Director Gilles Bourdos -- who has some experience with suspense having already given us the 2003 Ruth Rendell adaptation Sight for Sore Eyes (Inquiétudes), also helped co-write the screenplay. The film is a French and Canadian co-production and features the cinematography of Mark Lee Ping-bin; fans of Wong Kar-Wai might recognize him as the cinematographer for In the Mood For Love. Afterwards is set for release in 2008; by then I'm sure Malkovich will be on to the next job in his ever-growinglist of film commitments.
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