A darkly amusing, strangely insightful and very well-acted French romance drama, Olivier Masset-Depasse'sCages is about how far one person will go to hang on to a passionate love affair that, for a variety of unimpeachable reasons, has simply run its course. It's a movie about that panicky feeling you get when you know the romance has died and, as such, Cages is almost too personal and painful to truly "enjoy" in the traditional sense, but Masset-Depasse keeps the story moving along briskly -- even if his third act destinations seems ported in from a weirder and less interesting film.

Anne Coesens plays Eve, a paramedic who's madly in love with her bar-owner husband Damien, but when a horrific ambulance accident leaves Eve with a seriously pronounced stutter, she retreats into herself and becomes a silent and self-pitying shell of her former self. After a year passes and Eve is still struggling to form full words, Damien drops a bombshell: He's worried that Eve is no longer than woman he once fell in love with ... oh, and there's a seriously sexy beer distributor called Lea who just might have caught Damien's eye.
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