Ah, the infamous Phelps family. Is there anyone out there who doesn't know who they are yet? They're that wacky family behind the Westboro Baptist Church, who make many legions of religious zealots looks downright boring. They so respectfully picket military funerals and other gatherings to spew their hate -- mainly centered on their strict anti-homosexuality platform. Heck, they're so against it that they hate all of Sweden because of it! Of course, it was only a matter of time before their insanity would spark the minds of filmmakers. Red State, the upcoming horror movie by Kevin Smith, drew inspiration from the Phelps clan, as Erik posted here.

Now a staff writer from the Pitch blog from Kansas City fired off an e-mail to Shirley Phelps-Roper. The daughter of Fred; she's the one who ticked off Julie Banderas from Fox News so much that they got in a big argument. Shirley replied to the writer, and doesn't seem to know who Smith is. This is what she said about the film, in all her true, crazy glory: "If you are saying that this guy Kevin blah, blah is making a movie and is making a bad guy in the movie and then he is saying that my dad is a bad guy - I say - boring! I would think by now that you earth dwellers would understand that we don't care what kind of pressure you bring to bear upon us and how much you speak evil of us when you know by our manner of life that we are the Servants of the Living God - that none of these things move us and if we gave a rat's tutu about what you think about us, this might work - but alas, we know you have no respect for God or man and in particular for yourselves, so why in this world would we want you to speak any other way about us? If you would bother to CRACK a Bible, you would know that all your hateful words and hard speeches against us are tokens in the bank, and evidence that we have the Love of God abiding upon us!" Watch out, Kevin! God and the Phelps family are a-comin'! [via FilmIck]
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