Hey Spider-Man fans, I feel your pain. It still seems like forever until May 4th when the latest installment of the web-slinger's celluloid exploits, Spider-Man 3, hits the big screen. It's tough going when you really want the film to come out so you can experience all the action, thrills, super-villains and, yes, even romance, the film has to offer. Over the past few months we've tried to help you deal with the pain by offering a fewchoicetidbits for your enjoyment, including an extremely comprehensive all-you-need-to-know guide to the film prepared by our own Erik Davis.

Now, thanks to the marketing machine that is MySpace, there's some soundtrack samples to get your blood pumping, build your excitement and increase your anticipation for the film even more. Over at the film's official MySpace page, they've posted details on the film's soundtrack release and even included three sample tracks from it as well. Among the three tunes they let you listen to is a pretty catchy song called Signal Fire, recorded by the UK's Snow Patrol. Also offered for your consideration are soundtrack sample songs from The Walkmen and the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs.

I'm not normally in love with soundtracks from modern films. Since the late eighties, they've all started to sound very similar and have included the requisite "15 or 20 pop hits" most films feature these days. And usually, those "hits" are rather lame and uninspiring. In the case of Spider-Man 3, however, it sounds like the filmmakers have gone to great lengths to ensure not only the movie's quality but the soundtrack's as well -- and it shows. At least from the samples. Bonus points if you know what movie the previous quote is from.