I can't think of a more odd on-screen trio than Queen Latifah, Katie Holmes and Diane Keaton. The three ladies were recently cast in a new comedy called Mad Money (thankfully, there's no relation to that Jim Cramer show; just the thought of watching that guy scream his brains out up on the big screen for two hours has me wanting to invest in a warehouse of aspirin) The casting choices are odd, yes, but definitely smart -- with those three women, you hit almost every demographic. And when there's something for everyone, a number one opening at the box office is fairly certain. Seeing as those three women alone probably cost a pretty penny (or three), the rest of the cast will have to come at a bargain. Case in point: the Hollywood Reporter tells us that Ted Danson has signed on to co-star; he'll be joined by Roger Cross, Stephen Root (Milton!), Adam Rothenberg, J.C. MacKenzie, Chris McDonald and Finesse Mitchell.

Pic will revolve around three Kansas City co-workers (Holmes, Keaton and Latifah) who devise a plan to steal a bunch of money that's scheduled to be destroyed at the Federal Reserve Bank. Now, there's something interesting to do during your lunch break -- "Hey, instead of going to the diner again, how about you grab that Scientology chick and we'll go knock off a bank?" If you listen to those rumors around the water cooler, this is the film Katie Holmes chose (or should I say hubby Tom) over The Dark Knight. No word yet on who Danson will be playing (please let it be a bartender), though I imagine he'll take on the role of office manager. Callie Khouri (Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood) wrote and will direct, with shooting to begin today in Shreveport, La. No release date has been set; chances are Mad Money will hit screens early next year.

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