I'm not sure when the short film officially arrived online, thus I might be a little behind the ball here -- but this freaking thing had me hysterical this morning. It's the first I've seen of it, and if you're looking for something to raise your spirits on a crummy Monday, then this short should do the trick. The Landlord stars Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and, um, Pearl (not sure what the actress' name is -- perhaps one of you can help me out there), and seeing as Ferrell is sporting his Semi-Pro afro, I tend to think it was filmed fairly recently. Why these guys shot this is beyond me, however I'm certainly glad they did.

In the film, Ferrell plays a guy that's fallen on hard times (blood tests have recently proven that his father is gay), and he's about to get a visit from his nasty, alcohol-abusing landlord. McKay doesn't have too big of a role; he's just there as the friend in the corner who you bounce jokes off of early on. The real comedy here comes with the exchange between Ferrell and his landlord, Pearl. Seeing as I don't want to ruin the big gag here, I'll leave it at that. Here's where you might ask, "But Erik, why is it disturbing?" Well, you'll have to check it out for yourself to see what I mean. Since the country is in Imus recovery mode (and Ferrell currently has a film in theaters), I'm not so sure this is the wisest piece of material to start spreading around. Then again, it's only comedy ... and Ferrell is known for taking it right to the edge, convincing us that his jokes are funny, and not in poor taste. You be the judge -- did Ferrell and McKay cross a line with this? Or is it a harmless comedic short?

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