Perhaps one of the best reflections of fan thought in movies was that little bit of Zoolander where Hansel says: "Listen to your friend, Billy Zane. He's a cool dude!" Sure, the actor is charismatic, but he also just has that something that makes people respect or like him, whether he's being a fun bad guy in Demon Knight, a snooty bad guy in Titanic, a debonair love boat on Twin Peaks or a Valentine in Memphis Belle. There's this insidious, far-reaching Zaneness that grabs onto you and at the very least, makes you intrigued about what he's involved in.

This is exactly why the upcoming The Man Who Came Back might just be worth our attention. The film's an indie Western from Glen Pitre, who has written and directed period pieces like Belizaira the Cajun and The Scoundrel's Wife. Coming again from his own script, the film is about revenge in 1870 during a violent labor strike. It's not much to go on, but he's got a big cast to help balance the vagueness. Aside from the wonderful Zane, there's Striptease Lt. Armand Assante, The Young and the Restless star Eric Braeden, Cool Hand Luke Oscar winner George Kennedy, Blade Runner'sSean Young, ex-model Carol Alt, John Carpenter's favorite Peter Jason and oft TV guest stars Jennifer O'Dell and James Patrick Stewart. So, will this be one of those films we forgive Zane for being in, or one of those films that makes us sigh with relief for him acting in something good?
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