Jerry once said on an episode of Seinfeld that 90 to 95 percent of the population is undateable. "Undateable!" Disney is banking on all those lonely people out there being movie fans. Screenwriters Jack Angelo and Sam Brown just sold a comedy pitch to Disney for a script called Undateable. The pitch is the true story of Brian Wolf. After all else had failed, he created a website called in order to snag himself a girlfriend. "Our management company, Fuse, alerted us to the site as we were fishing around for our next subject matter," says Angelo. "It fell squarely into what we call 'bromantic comedies,' which are romantic comedies that guys actually want to see."

Above you'll see the photo Wolf has posted on his home page, a photo he says "may be the worst picture I've ever taken." Wolf's site is all about lowering expectations. "I know what you're thinking," he says in the site's introduction. "Settling is admitting defeat. Only losers settle, right? Wrong. Everybody settles. There are no perfect relationships. Do you think you're going to end up happy holding out for Mr. Right? You won't. You'll end up old, alone, and miserable. You don't want that. And I don't want that. So I'd like to propose an alternative: Settle for Brian." For those of you currently in the Can't Get Laid Brigade, take heart -- the site worked. Mr. Wolf got himself a girlfriend. In fact, he was planning on shutting the site down until the writers called. Be sure and check out the "Pros and Cons" list if you go to the site, there's some funny stuff in there.
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