We're finally a month and a few days away from the limited release of Fay Grim, Hal Hartley's sequel to Henry Fool. The first was a mellow, quirky tale about James Urbaniak's strange garbageman Simon Grim, and the rogue Henry Fool who inspires him to become a poet when he hands over a crisp, black and white speckled notebook. Parker Posey played Fay Grim, Simon's sex-crazy sister who ends up marrying Fool. This sequel, which Kim Voynar reviewed during TIFF last year, deals with Fay ten years later -- just a bit amped up.

The film still revolves around Henry and his notebooks, but now he's disappeared. Jeff Goldblum's CIA agent convinces Fay to help him find the notebooks, because they're believed to hold information damaging to US security. IGN has gotten a slew of images from the feature that show how the world of Fooling Grims has changed over the years. There are some shots of Hartley, as well as scenes from the film. We've got Liam Aiken, the same little boy from the original film, showing Simon something on the computer. In another, Saffron Burrows is wielding a gun and looking fairly unhappy. And then there's my personal favorite -- Parker Posey looking like a tough arse-kicker. If you're anxious for some media of the moving variety, I linked to some last month. Go out and see it! Go, go, go!
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