Fox Searchlight sent over their summer preview today; there are stills for several of their upcoming films, including Day Watch, the highly-anticipated follow-up to the 2004 Russian horror film Night Watch and Waitress, the Keri Russell-starring romantic comedy that's most known so far for being the last project of filmmaker Adrienne Shelly, who was, sadly, murdered late last year. There are also some pics from Once, an Irish musical that made waves at Sundance 2007 and Joshua, a psychological thriller starring Vera Farmiga and Sam Rockwell. Fox threw in a couple of pics and notes from Sunshine as well, but they were so well known that I didn't bother including them. When Sunshine is finally released in this country, how are they going to market it to U.S. moviephiles that have already seen all the promotional material and read the reviews of the film in British and Aussie pubs? They better put their thinking caps on. After the pics, you can read some press notes for each film.