I'm of the mind that actors struggling with bigoted feelings should cook up a new way to get past them. This whole "two seconds of therapy and I'm a new man!" plan is just plain hooey. PR reps prep them, and It's so flipping removed from sincere that I still get surprised when people think that PR stunts equals making amends. My solution: all these actors should star in a movie where they play themselves, and have to go through the process fictionally, on film (however, we'd all know how it would tie into the truth). Then, it's guaranteed to be a longer process, and the people could tap into their humility and really put themselves out there. We love when people make fun of themselves, so what better way to forgive? And heck, they'd make money to do it, which they could keep for their 10th car, or donate to a charity that helps the people they chastised.

Alas, my dream world is not our reality, and that's not going to happen. However, Isaiah Washington does have a movie part set up, and seems to be moving past his Grey's Anatomy foibles. He's going to star in writer and director Nathan Scoggins first feature-length film and indie thriller, The Least of These. He will play a priest with a troubled past who is sent to a Catholic boarding school when one of his fellow priests mysteriously disappears. I can only hope that this Catholic stint won't have him spewing any sort of sexuality diatribes, because that would just be creepy and ill-placed. Washington's last film was 2005's The Moguls, and the one before that -- Trois 3: The Escort. So, beyond his Grey career he's got some decent indie fare and some truly terrible jobs as well. Production will begin this June in L.A.
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